Alone in a new city, a computer programmer signs up for an online dating service, but things get complicated when she decides to hack the algorithm.

Tallie Medel

Bobby Walles
Mwazhuwa Kuretu II
Mickey Newman
Christopher Fernando
Alec McGovern
Christian Strevy

Directed & Edited by Trevor Byrne
Produced by Lindsay Bradley, Todd Detmold
Cinematography by Lars
Art Direction by Serena Niesley
Visual Effects & Animation by Mike Humphrey

Screenplay by Todd Detmold
Story by Trevor Byrne, Todd Detmold
Additional Dialogue by Christopher Fernando, Mwazhuwa Kuretu II, Alec McGovern, Tallie Medel, Mickey Newman, Christian Strevy

Winner - Best Narrative Short | 2019 Capital City Film Festival


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